InboxCleaner - Clean your Twitter inbox!


1. Does InboxCleaner work?
Oh yes, if you ask InboxCleaner to delete your Twitter direct messages, it WILL delete them.
2. Does it work all of the time?
Sometimes Twitter temporarily disable deleting; if the trashcan icon doesn't appear on Twitter, you might have to wait until you can delete again.
3. What options can I use to select messages?
You can filter messages by user, words or phrases in the messages, or choose to delete all of your direct messages.
4. I like it, what I can do to help?
I would love it if you would %s about InboxCleaner to your Twitter followers, and %s it on Facebook.
5. Who built InboxCleaner?
I'm Thomas Buck, 99 Robots's founder. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments :-)

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